SOAPY’s Founders have one goal; Making the world better for all.


So, we invented a smarter way to wash hands—with comfort, confidence and care for a cause. SOAPY is a unique solution with a global footprint backed by local expertise for connected service and a commited relationship. SOAPY is Approved and Registered in 30 Countries. 


Proven to prevent infection and protect health for Food Service, Healthcare, Education and Consumer-Facing Industries. SOAPY has been honored with awards from leading technology, sustainabilty and United Nations authorities.

Our Values:

The PERFECT way to Wash Hands.

We make it easy. SOAPY brings hand hygiene into the FUTURE – and out of the bathroom! SOAPY elevates and motivates the entire hand washing experience.

We Educate Users to Optimize Hand Washing and Protect Public Health.

The SMART way to Wash Hands

The SOAPY WISDOM platform monitors, coaches, learns and employs data science to provide VISUAL VALIDATION REPORTS on SOAPY health, resource savings and quality of wash to WHO & CDC standards- 24/7.

We Integrate the Most Advanced Technology for Quality and Compliance.

The MINDFUL way to Wash Hands

SOAPY is earth friendly. We save water, Energy, soap and money. REAL SAVINGS calculators and REAL TIME Resource Reports quantify savings and ROI to prove the REAL VALUE of SOAPY.

SOAPY Saves Precious Resources.

The CARING way to Wash Hands.

SOAPY believes hygiene is a fundamental human right and COMMITS to help build better habits to make the world safer.

It is the SOAPY MISSION to bring better access to hand washing to those who need it most

SOAPY Protects the Most Vulnerable. We Give One CLEAN MACHINE for Every Ten Sold.

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